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Researchers at NASA Langley Research Center in Hampton, Virginia are conducting ongoing studies in National Airspace System management, flight deck operations, and human factors. These studies depend on the participation of technical experts in airline, general, corporate, and military aviation, and air traffic control. This collaboration is resulting in technical advances in Airborne Systems, Flight Operating Procedures, Flight Deck Systems Concepts, Synthetic Vision, and Unmanned Aircraft Systems. To find out more about NASA's projects and programs please visit www.nasa.gov.

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A government contractor in Hampton, Virginia maintains a database of volunteer pilots (airline, corporate, military, and general aviation) and Air Traffic Controllers for NASA Langley Research Center.

Participating volunteers are compensated for travel, accommodations, per diem, and for their contribution to these research studies.

If interested, please register at our web site by clicking here. Please watch the video above before you register.

Participants will receive advance notification of experiment and scheduled based on experiment requirements, test dates and pilot’s availability.

Your participation will provide a valuable service and ensure opinions are included in future Advanced Flight Deck Designs.

If further information is needed, please contact:

Ms. E. Thomas